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the street from the theater. >> the suspected gunman james holmes will make his first court appearance this morning. >> in a matter of hours, holmes rented by a public defender will appear before a district judge for a hearing that is expected to be brief. the 24-year-old is accused of killing a dozen people and injuring scores more during a midnight premier of the latest batman film. right now we're learning more about the suspected shooter. police say the rampage was four months in the planning with holmes collecting weapons at home and at work. we're also hearing a batman mask was found inside holmes' apartment after booby traps were cleared. recently a gun range owner says he rejected an application from holmes after hearing his voice mail greeting which he described as, quote, freakish at best, end quote. right now the suspect is in solitary confinement and he's not talking. >> the most important thing is that we put this evidence together and assist the prosecutor in holding this person accountable. we will convict him. >> police say it could take months to determine a motive and
shooting will face. prosecutors will lay out the evidence today against james holmes, a week after his first court appearance. news4's angie goff is following that story. >> good morning. in just a few hours we're going to hear the formal charges against james holmes for the very first time. he will be charged in the shooting free that killed a dozen people and injured 58 others. holmes will likely face 12 counts of first degree murder and numerous attempted first degree murder charges among others. the district attorney says her office is months away on whether to seek the death penalty. holmes appeared out of it, dazed, confused. legal experts say an insanity defense seems probable. so far this case has been airtight but at today's hearing a chance new details will surface. holmes' lawyers are expected to ask that a notebook he sent to the psychiatrist before the shootings be turned over to the defense. that notebook reportedly detailed holmes' plan. >>> also expected in court, several media outlets will ask the judge to unseal the case file. that includes documents on holmes' arrest
inside that movieplex last week and the alleged shooter's behavior as he fired at people. james holmes is being held in solitaire confinement now wearing a black plastic face mask to prevent him from spitting at guards. at one point holmes was walking up the aisle of the theater targeting specific people, asking them questions like what are you doing? telling them to stand up and then shooting. his apartment was extensively wired with explosives. the building has been closed. in the wake of the shooting, applications for gun permits have been surging. they jumped 40% in colorado alone. the first funeral services will be held on friday. holmes will be back in court on monday but a trial could still be a year away. no word on a motive. melissa mollet, news 4. >>> d.c. comics is asking retailers to delay sales of a new batman comic book for one month. a company spokesperson says the comic contains content that may be per received as insensitive in light of recent events. >>> in about two weeks it may be easier to carry a gun in maryland. a federal judge ruled on monday that the state will
yesterday. they were forced to evacuate when officers discovered the suspect, james holmes, had rigged his apartment with explosives. holmes created another scare earlier this week with the revelation that he made to police. news4's melissa mollet live in our newsroom with more on that. good morning. >> good morning. agents say holmes told them where to find what could be key evidence in the case, a package he sent, he said, to the university of colorado, but the school says the package arrived in their medical school mailroom on monday and they immediately turned it over to authorities. inside that package, investigators found handwritten notes about killing people. there were also reports that it contained drawings of stick figures being shot, a written description of an upcoming attack and that the package was addressed to a psychiatrist at the school. holmes withdrew from a neuroscience program there in early june. now, the school denies reports that the package had been sitting in the mail room unopened since july 12th, days before the attack. police say holmes received more than 15 p
-flag swim cap in beijing where he took home a record eight gold medals. >>> katie holmes apparently preparing for her first acting role since her split from tom cruise. this fall holmes will return to broadway in the comedy "dead accounts." holmes made her debut with the revival of "all my sons" in 2008. holmes moved to new york city earlier this month after initiating a surprise divorce from tom cruise. >>> "parks and recreation" wrapping up filming in the district today. they rubbed shoulders with senators like john mccain and barbara boxer yesterday. even though the cast and crew are only in the district for a few days one of the show's stars hatd has big plans for his time in d.c. >> i was hoping while i was here to be elected president of the united states, but that's not something that happens, right? >> you know, i don't think they do that very often. >> that's fine then. i don't need to do that. it would be nice. it would be the polite thing to do, but it's totally fine. i can live without it. >> you can see season 5. the premier of "parks and reek kr recreation" right here
rampage at a colorado movie theater will be in court next week. james holmes looked dazed during his first court appearance yesterday. leanne gregg is live in colorado now with more on that. leanne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. right now you can see the theater behind me where the mass murder occurred, still closed while the investigation continues, but yesterday the public for the first time got a face-to-face look at the suspect, 24-year-old james holmes. it was just a simple, short proceeding, where the suspect was read his rights. and on monday, the formal charges are expected, possibly more than 100 of them. prosecutors still have to decide whether they plan to seek the death penalty. that's coming later. they say they want to first speak with the family members of the victims. the trial is still months away, and there is much more work to do in the investigation. eun, back to you. >> all right, leanne gregg live in aurora, colorado, for us this morning, thank you. >>> gun sales are on the rise in colorado after last friday's shooting, according to "the denver post."
.c. delegate eleanor holmes nor on the called the criminal activity surrounding the campaign deeply disturbing. she said gray is a friend whom she always had known to have high professional and ethical standards. in a statement she said that the mayor has an obligation to clear this matter up quickly. >>> financial markets keeping a close eye on vp morgan chase's quarterly meeting. the investment bank will come out with the latest financial results this morning. in may, it announced a $2 billion u.s. loss. since then, analysts have speculated the loss is actually bigger. jpmorgan tried to hedge the risk. that means the loss was its own and did not affect any clients. >>> another blow to the european economy. credit ratings agency moody's investor service downgraded italy's government bond rating today. mod difficult's says it was concerned the deteriorating financial conditions in europe will lead to a sharp rise in borrowing costs. so far the news has not affected the world stock markets. right now the european stocks are up. asian stock markets ended up. and u.s. futures are up. >>> the sher
about katy holmes' and tom cruise's split. they have been married and have a 6-year-old daughter together. it is believed that scientology had a big role in that split. >>> 73 degrees outside the studio. this is how we like to start a summer morning. >> indeed. such a relief from the oppressive heat. i hope it lasts a while. >> i think it will. in fact, all the way into the weekend, looking pleasant. right now, we are starting off with some showers and maybe a little bit of thunder and lightning. in southern maryland. a pretty good shower moving out of the northern neck, across from the bay. about to move into st. mary's county. moving to the east. and heading toward the lower part of the eastern shore. farther west, getting a few sprinkles near fredericksburg, and partly cloudy, half moon on the southern sky, mostly clear. temperatures in the 60s. northern and western suburbs, areas in green. areas in yellow, and farther west, shenandoah valley and much of the mountains, some locations in the upper 50s on this july morning. beautiful start to the day, and temperatures around the
in the hospital. five are in critical condition. holmes will be formally charged on monday. it may take months to find a motive for the shooting. >>> in the wake of the colorado shooting the white house says the president will not push for stricter gun lays this election year. instead, the president will focus on focusing the law better. same view by mitt romney. the president still wants congress to reinstitute a federal band on military style assault weapons but the president is not and has not been push for that ban. >>> a huge coordinated drug bust. around the country put at least 90 people behind bars. the drug enforcement agency helped lead a nationwide crackdown on drugs like synthetic marijuana and bath salts. in addition to the arrests, police recovered more than $36 million in cash. these types of drugs are typically found in specialty shops and convenience stores. they were being mart we as spices, intense, and even plant foot. >>> we are following a developing story. dozens of flights nationwide are canceled or delayed this morning because of storms across the oath cost last night.
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9